Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*TERM 2 YEAR SIX 2011*

Welcome to the Year Six Blog!
This term (Term 2) we have been doing a whole lot of exciting stuff. We got a new teacher called Ms McDonald, but we call her Ms Mac for short.
The first Thursday in Week One we went to Impact Alpha Gym. We did trampolining, floor rolls, hand-standing and we went on the bars. We're really enjoying going to gymnastics this term!
We have started learning about Rainforests and the Yanomami tribe that live in the Amazon Rainforest. We have been finding out about the layers of the trees and human impact on Tropical Rainforests. We learned where Temperate and Tropical Rainforests are found in the world.
In Reading we have been doing a Journal Study including word finds, plays, etc. In Literacy we wrote recounts about the holidays and typed them up on the school laptops. Ms. Mac has been reading us The Silver Sword which is about this man who has lost his wife and three children in the war.
We have been doing Maths Interchange and we have three classes - Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. All the teachers are brilliant at teaching maths to the children.
Every Tuesday we go to Music with Mrs G-C and Art with Mrs Clarke. We've been doing print blocks of flowers and fish for art and learning the ukulele.
We ran the Cross Country at Hagley Park. Louis and Bennet were chosen to go to the Canterbury's.
Thank you for taking the time to read about what Year Six is doing this term.

By Myah and Harry, Year 6.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Year 6 are all very busy because of the up coming Science Fair experiments which I tell you are very daunting. The best event of the year sadly has just passed which was the 2 kilometre course around South Hagley Park. All students successfully completed the course and some went on to the Independent Schools Cross Country around North Hagley Park. Another fun thing about Year 6 is that we're going to Gymnastics at Alpha Impact Gymnastics.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year 6 leaps into 2010

Year 6 have leaped into an exciting new year with their Living Springs Camp in the second week. This included a night rope trail, sailing, and a long walk on the Crater Rim Walkway. Recently, they have competed in the School Swimming Sports and had lots of fun at the pool party at Waltham Pool. Some students were very exited about the Wendy Duggan art workshop where they learned how to draw great still life pictures. Year 6 are enjoying having Miss McLaughlan from the College of Education working with us.

By Henry.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Christmas Prayer

This Christmas I would really like to get an I-pod touch, or a cool toy. But This Christmas, I would like everyone who is sad, hungry or thirsty to get the help they need. Please God, help anybody who is sick or dying at this time, and for everybody who has already deceased, may they have a good time in heaven with our saviour, Lord Jesus. Please save anybody whom is being treated cruelly and the countries which are poor and are in need of your help.

By Henry R.

A Christmas Prayer

Christmas time is a time for giving
Being around family, dancing, singing,
Praying for those poor people in need
Helping out at the Church, doing good deeds.
On Christmas day we gather in your name
Having fun, playing Christmas games.
For Christmas time we worship the King
While listening to the Church bells ring
'Cause Christmas time everyone enjoys
All the little girls playing with the boys.
You were surrounded by cows and sheep.
They were looking around the corner, having a peep.
You lay there all comfortable in the manger,
Not knowing that one day you'll protect the world from all kinds of danger.
You are the King of all Kings and we know this is true
You will always keep us safe, me and you!

By Madeline Kendrew

A Christmas Prayer

May the people rejoice at the birth of the King,
And let us pray while the Church bells ring:

May we remember to pray for the sick and the sad
For our caring Mum and hard-working Dad,
For all people in need of food without delay
And for those without homes on this sunny day.
May knives be used for cutting meat
And guns be thrown away.
Let us hope for the earth to stay green
And slowly get colder for a winter scene.

By Saskia Klinkenberg

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Year 6 update

Year 6 have been very busy lately. Some students recently accepted St Mark's pupils into their homes. This week the class are taking daily lessons at Aquagym to increase their swimming abilities. They are also having their Assessment Week when they sit exams to see how hard they try at academic work. Many students who sat ICAS Tests have won certificates for their achievements. The class had fun learning how to make marshmellows which we then used to measure the volume of their mouths.
Henry Rouch