Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Term 1 2009

Year 6 is a great class. At the start of the year we went to Living Springs for our Camp. We had a long walk, we swam in the pool, we sailed at Lake Rua, we learned CPR and played lots of games. During Week 4 the school had the annual Swimming Sports. Throughout the day we tok part in the events which included freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, kickboard and the Open 100 metres. The Year 6 champions were Karenia Anderson and Jesse Simkin. We also had to complete a personal profile containing our family tree, character description,photographs, a paragraph about each member of the family and pets. The whole school also went to a BIG BANG concert performed by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. They played songs from different countriesaround the world. Inside the classroom has been interesting too. We have Numeracy in the morning and certain subjects all through the week such as Te Reo, French, Social Studies, PE, Fitness, Writing and Reading and Syndicate Assembly. Overall I think Term 1 has been great!
Henry Rouch.

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